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“The targeted community consultation regarding the future of the Ōpoutere Hall indicated significant community support for the retention of the hall and acknowledgement that any incorporated society put in place to manage it needs clarity as to its responsibilities, and needs competent people on the committee.

The Board resolved that the hall should be retained and repairs becarried out, with $45,000 budgeted for this work, which includes:

New roof and ceiling 21/22 $29,000
Wall linings 21/22 $11,000
Bathrooms 21/22 $5,000
Total:  $45,000

Board member Tamzin Letele was appointed as the Board Liaison Representative once the new incorporated society is formed and a report will be brought back to the Board by 31 March 2022 . “


The Opoutere Community Hall is a popular venue for local events such as public meetings and community group gatherings.  It is in demand for private functions such as weddings, birthdays and commemorations.

The hall is also used as a welcome refuge for flooded-out campers!

Every New Year the famous Opoutere Social takes place at the hall. Locals and visitors alike don their best holiday clothes, grab a bottle of wine and a plate to share and congregate at the hall for early evening petanque and conversation under the beautiful redwood trees. As the evening progresses the band warms up the crowd and the monte carlo dance is hotly contested.

To hire the hall contact Glenda Betts 07 8657534

See The Community Groups page for information on the Opoutere Community Hall Society.

Inside our lovely hall.

Inside our lovely hall.

5 Comments on “The Community Hall

  1. how much is it to rent the opoutere hall? I’ve tried ringing the number on the page a few times but no one will answer

  2. Hi Paige, that is the right number! Im sorry you have had no luck, I will ask Glenda to check her answer phone is working.

  3. Hi there, what’s the maximum capacity for the hall? Cheers!

  4. Hi there,
    I have called Glenda who handles the hall bookings and left her a message relaying your question. I will let you know when I hear from her.

  5. Hi again,
    It’s best to call Glenda at the number listed on the Hall page to run through what you’re planning. Leave a message if she’s not there and she will reply promptly.

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