Winter Round-Up

Spring is upon us, what a wild winter it’s been!

The Jetty: The poor old jetty took a hammering during a fierce July storm and the platform floated away, coming to rest about 25m to the west. There has been some talk about refloating the platform and joining it back up with a new section of the jetty catwalk. For this to be achieved we need daylight hours, a good high tide and a reasonable number of practically minded people who don’t mind getting very wet and muddy and of course some tools and materials.

A glance at the tide chart shows that there aren’t many day-time high tides that would give us enough time to perform the whole operation until late October. Labour Weekend looks hopeful – could everyone have a think about this and leave a message on the Get Involved page (or the bus shelter) if you are keen to help or willing to organise a working bee that we can then advertise well in advance.

photo 2-12photo 1-14

The Walkway: The new walkway has received some repair work after small slips blocked culverts. Bruce’s Bay bridge has also had some remedial work done after some very high tides scoured out the walkway surface.

Planting Day: A small group of hardy souls got stuck in and succeeded in planting out some of the old slip sites along Opoutere Rd between the jetty and the YHA. Several hundred plants were purchased with grants  from the Department of Conservation and The Honda Tree Fund. Very special thanks to Gordon Ikin who sourced and collected the plants.


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