Working Bee Update, let’s do it again this weekend!

Last Saturday there was a terrific turnout to our late-notice working bee in the elaeagnus behind the Youth Hostel. We continued to cut a path through the elaeagnus and managed to free up an ancient pohutukawa that was rapidly being colonised by the weed.


This pohutukawa trunk was obscured by a wall of elaeagnus.


More than 20 people showed up and gave us two good hours of their holiday weekend, thanks to all who came along. Thanks also to Amelia Williams who donated a big box of treats for morning tea,  the workers were very grateful for their fresh fruit and chocolate biscuits. The grazing continued after the working bee with a social get together (with beer and sausages) on a local deck!


The elaeagnus grows in a thick mat and rolls over the forest.


There is still so much to do but with regular weedbusting working bees we will get the problem under control, we hope to start replanting some cleared areas with baby natives during the winter.


As we cut and paste the trunks of the elaeagnus the foliage starts to go brown and we can see the results of all our scratchy hard work.

Chris has sent out another call to arms for this coming Saturday (February 14th), it’s Valentine’s Day so show some love for the Opoutere bush and come along from 9am- 12 noon armed with loppers, chainsaw, safety glasses, gloves, ear muffs and sturdy clothing and footwear. Have a look at Chris’ Working Bee Checklist-2 .

The patch of elaeagnus that we are targeting at the moment can best be reached by entering the marked “Nature Trail” that starts just inside the gates of the Opoutere YHA. Follow the trail until you hear Chris’ chainsaw and then head uphill, keep your eyes peeled for some red tape or other such marker.

Please avoid parking in the YHA grounds as this is a busy time of the year for them and they need the parking for their guests, we can park on the side of the road a bit further along from the hostel grounds.


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