Tsunami threat issued for Coromandel

FROM CIVIL DEFENCE WAIKATO Facebook page, as at 12.15 Thursday 17 September

Ok, so we have a tsunami THREAT issued for Coromandel. This is just a THREAT (this means that you all can still chill out because it just means we are going to keep an eye on it).
BUT you can do some things to make life easier for everyone:
– Stay away from sea, rivers and estuaries (don’t be an egg and go sightseeing…that’s just DUMB)
– Keep an eye on our page, NZ Get Thru and TV radio etc
– Tell your friends and whanau on the east coastline
– If your local Civil Defence gives instructions, please just do it (they want you to be safe).
The THREAT is in force until the big cheese at the Ministry of Civil Defence says its over.
We will keep updating our page when new info comes in.

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