Update and important opportunity to contribute before the YHA NZ board meeting on Saturday 6th May

Bianca Wildish

Auckland, New Zealand

Apr 30, 2017 — Due to the petition David and Bianca Wildish have been invited to present to the YHA board meeting on Saturday 6th May in Wellington. Bianca is currently completing her Masters degree the Netherlands so is unable to attend. David has accepted the invitation and will present to the Board om behalf of all who care about this Jewel in the Crown of the NZ YHA, so is requesting all your support for this event

He will be presenting the petition and all associated comments on that are made by Thursday evening NZ time. There are many issues regarding the failure of the board to consult with the members regarding this closure that must be addressed subsequent to the meeting, including; staff deliberately misleading the membership regarding the closure; no options presented to keep it operating, no figures or justification for closure disclosed and no actual consultation process being held with members.

If you have more you want to contribute or need more information please contact . If you would like to be part of the Opoutere Hostel Group and are a current YHA member please let us know now via the same email address, the more we have in the group the better.

Please keep sharing the petition with other members of the Opoutere community as we can easily get the numbers to 1000 and beyond by the end of this week. Please encourage people to state a Reason for Signing. There are many powerful and heartfelt comments there already and we would love to see more.

An email to the chairman of the board of YHA is another contribution you can make in these last few days before the meeting his address is copy the email you send to so we have a record. Just a line or 2 from everyone who has signed will further strengthen our case.

Also like or follow the Facebook page so that we can keep the information

Every one of your individual voices and actions are important to save this unique Kiwi treasure. We all thank you for your growing support and don’t let up until we have a confirmed positive result.

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