Beach Bonfire Warning


Due to current forest conditions



could cause



In recent weeks there have been several substantial bonfires lit on the beach, something that greatly concerns Onemana Rural Fire Chief Jo Adams.

There are fire ban signs all through Opoutere village and in the carpark by the beach access track, anyone lighting a fire is likely to find themselves engaged in very forthright conversation with Onemana Rural firefighters tasked with preventing a fast-moving and widespread forest fire.

Any fire – big or small – call 111 or Jo Adams directly on 027 449 3034.

If you see something – say something.

Opoutere is facing a “catastrophic” fire risk this summer and the whole community needs to be vigilant. This means proactively engaging with visitors to the area who may not be aware of the tinder dry conditions posed by the dead and dying pines in the beach forest.

Need a fire permit? Consult the Thames Coromandel District Council website here for a handy checklist and council contact details.



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