Anniversary Weekend Working Bee


Join us at 8.30am Sunday morning of Anniversary Weekend in the spit forest for a fun and easy working bee to clear a huge, well-established ginger patch. Ginger grows very fast and prevents native plants from getting established, it’s very satisfying to see how much of the forest opens up to the light following each working bee. This weekend we hope you’ll join us on the beach afterwards for a snack and a swim.

From our ecology team leader Chris Woudenberg:

“Yes we have another Ginger working be this coming Sunday, Please find attached a map of the spit showing the Ginger the 6000 m2 that  has already been cleared  and the patch still to do.   The yellow pin is where we will be working on Sunday.

As before, walk from the Bridge to the beach, just before you get to the beach turn right at the ORRA safety cone, past the DOC Track closed sign and the orange fencing, under the fallen pine and about 400 meters further along you will see some more safety cones, turn right and follow the yellow rope, it’s not far in, about 50 meters.

This is very fun and satisfying play, as well as you will meet some of your fellow Opoutere people that you may not know.  Children are most welcome to help and the ones that have come so far have really enjoyed it , pulling those baby plants,  pasting or filling those rubbish bags up. 

After the completion of the working bee there will be morning tea supplied out on the beach if the weather is good.

If the weather is not suitable for a working be there will be a “no working bee” sign placed on the bus stop in the village , it will go ahead with light rain but very heavy rain and strong wind it will not, so if it doesn’t look good check out the bus stop, a sign will be out by 8 am. As well as posted on the ORRA Facebook page.

Please wear shoes and gloves and if you have a sharp knife that would be handy, but I will be using the ORRA ginger destroyer to cut most of the ginger.

Any questions let me know otherwise see you on Sunday 


Chris 021 418119″Ginger Map



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