Death To Ginger! A fun working bee.



WHAT: Ginger cutting and pasting

WHEN: Saturday 14 July 2018

9am – 11am

Another one of our lovely working bees, this one is perfect for the whole family as it’s smack-bang in the middle of the school holidays. 

WHERE: Walk out towards the beach from the bridge, turn right at the cones, walk under the fallen pine along the outer beach track, heading south until you see some more cones. then turn right and follow the rope. There you will find us.

BRING: Garden tools for cutting, safety gear (gloves, glasses, ear muffs if you have them, sturdy boots).

WHY? Kahili ginger is an invasive pest plant that smothers young plants and prevents native seedlings from growing. It poses a significant threat to native ecosystems. 

Got ginger on your land? Please support all the hard work done by our community working bees by removing it. Check out As landowners we are all responsible for the removal of ginger from our sections,click here to find out more from Waikato Regional Council.

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