A Seal Of Approval For Opoutere


The Wharekawa estuary is hosting a very charming visitor at the moment. Over the last week or so locals have enjoyed watching a sleek black sealion swimming about, feeding on kahawai, playing and sunbathing. Our guest can be seen at low tide herding fish into the shallows and then proceeding to play with his/her food, often near the boat ramp or Bruce’s Bay. This process involves much thrashing around, playing with the fish and then a lusty feasting – the seagulls are beneficiaries of this and can be seen whirling about overhead as the fish is messily consumed. Sometimes the sealion cruises up and down the estuary with one fin regally waving in the air until such time as it is necessary to roll about or have a comprehensive scratching session. If the day is fine sunbathing can be achieved on the boat ramp or at the bottom of Wharekawa Place.

Keep your eyes peeled!

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