Seal Update

Opoutere has been visited by several seals during the last month, there have been varying reports of 5 different animals, both young and old. Then there was the sad news that one of these lovely animals had died on the stretch of Opoutere beach north of the yellow bench entrance. Happily there is still a very alert and active seal further along the beach.

Kevin Carter, Department Of Conservation Ranger, has issued a warning that one of these seals appears to be a juvenile leopard seal in moult and should not be approached as these seals can be more aggressive than fur seals. Please do not try to get close to any seal you may come across, if you have concerns about their welfare or health please contact Kevin on 07 867 9241.

Seal on Opoutere beach

Val Herbert took this beautiful photo of one of our seals.

Special thanks to Amelia Williams who has been in contact with DOC staff and has kept ORRA informed of these developments. Thanks also to Val Herbert for her photos and updates.

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