Your Fire Chief Wants a Word…

Welcome to Level 4 Lockdown 2021 – hopefully everyone is safely at home while the Coromandel waits to see how this Delta outbreak plays out.

If you need a Covid test check this link: and call the Whangamata Medical Centre.

To book a vaccination follow this link:

While the Coromandel is in Level 4 Lockdown your local first responder teams are still at the ready to help their community deal with any emergencies that may occur. Jo Adams, chief of the Onemana Rural Fire team, has carefully restructured his teams to protect them from possible exposure to Covid19 and to ensure the team always has people available to help. The community can support these important volunteers by not doing anything that adds risk to their day – Jo wants people to be careful around the house (and the shed) to minimise the callouts to first responders. He worries about ladders, power tools, outdoor fires/braziers etc. Basically – don’t do anything stupid and to quote Jo from an earlier interview “Be bloody careful”.

We isolate now, so when we come back together, no-one is missing.

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