Adapting to Climate Change

Hear the options and have your say

From TCDC:

We are now at a new stage in our major Shoreline Management Plan project. The project aims to ensure we have thriving and resilient communities and coastlines as our climate changes.  
We will shortly need public input on the options for protecting and managing our coastline in response to our changing climate. 

What is happening?  

We have four Coastal Panels working to reduce our coastal flooding and erosion risks.  

This important work will recommend a range of sustainable measures so we can adapt to the impacts of coastal hazards in each of our geographic areas on the Coromandel.    

We have identified the erosion and inundation risks to your specific area of coastline. You can explore these on our interactive Risk Assessment Summary tool at 

The coastal panels are now at the “what should we be doing” stage of the project. 

The options being considered range from soft solutions, such as dune restoration and wetland regeneration, to hard solutions, such as stop banks and rock walls or retreat. 

There will be public meetings from 23 October to help our communities understand which options may be the right ones for each stretch of coastline, and to listen to public views on these.  

At the meetings we will explain the erosion and inundation risks to your specific area of coastline. 

What can you do?  

Familiarise yourself with our SMP Project and understand our coastal hazards.

Attend the public meeting in your area. 

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